Brand Story

Walking down Regent Street, London in 2013, MR.D, Alex, Hogan and Shan, the brand’s four founders, browsed the windows of fashion shops on both sides of the street. However, they felt that every window was like a rectangular and silent cell imprisoning a dull soul. What should they do? What can they do to make a difference for the apparel industry? And enable apparel to carry an interesting soul? “Doing something different!” It was a budding seed planted in the hearts of the four founders. Therefore, they entered the initial stage of brand establishment, forming a preparatory group in London.

Influenced by multiple cultures in 2014-2015, VETEMENTS included more elements into the unique characteristics of London. With an international perspective as the keynote, the brand is not confined by any particular style. The first batch of OVERSIZED SKUs were produced in small quantities for trial sales on the market. This was the first step of VETEMENTS in becoming a high street fashion brand.

To enhance the impression of an international high street fashion brand, it diversified product portfolios by embracing the inspirations of British artists and entertainment spirit IDOL. Apart from existing SKUs (men’s wear & women’s wear & shoes), the brand expanded its product lines to accessories, including hats, scarves, bags, necklaces, earrings, and watches. It completed the second stage of brand incubation, positioned with the attributes of “fashion design” and “international high street fashion brand”, and experienced product adjustments and market evaluation.

It entered the third stage of brand development in 2016-2017. The brand’s trademark was officially registered, and the British studio VETEMENTS DESIGN CREW was established for preparing to enter the Asian market in an all-round way.

In 2018, it entered the fourth stage of brand rollout and expansion. It initiated the first offline pop-up shop activity in China, created a Chinese new media platform, and establishes partnerships with online e-commerce platforms like and Tmall Flagship Store.

In 2019, VETEMENTS GROUP LIMITED was established in England. The brand’s first press conference in China was held in July; and its first offline store in China was opened in October.

In 2020, it signed Anna Russell as the artistic director, then conducted Autumn-Winter Catalogue Launch in May as well as Spring-Summer Catalogue Launch in October, thus basically completing its business layout in tier-1 markets.

In September 2021, it launched sub-brands, aiming to open 100+ stores for its main brand and sub-brands.