Moral Codes

Putting ethics at the core of our business operation is a powerful ethical commitment, for integrity is vital to the sustainable development of our business. This culture of integrity is certainly based on compliance with laws and regulations, but also depends on a commitment to the values of the group. It must be reflected in the daily work of every employee of VETEMENTS GROUP, regardless of their nationality, location, profession or qualifications.

The Codes provides a standard of conduct for each of us in our professional lives and in our interactions with employees, customers, shareholders, and business partners. The Codes have also clarified our commitment to the environment. We are committed to protecting the environment, hoping to minimize our impact on the environment to the utmost extent, and striving to be a good corporate citizen, to be involved in it, and to be accountable to it.

The Moral Codes have strongly reaffirmed our commitment to respect human rights, not only for all our employees, but also for all those who work in our supply chain and contribute to our value creation.

The system is now available not only to employees but also to external and temporary staff working for the group from all service providers and external partners with which we have contractual relationships. This mechanism is very important for it enables us to discern the insufficiency that may arise in the observance of our principals, as well as the necessary remedies. At the same time, it is an important commitment of the entire group to protect those who selflessly and honestly report such insufficiencies to us.